• Sustainability initiatives and Sustainable Development Interventions
  • Consultancy- Organizational Sustainability, Gender development
  • Gender Equality, Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) Initiatives and Women Empowerment and Advancement Forum (WEAF)
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Information management
  • Initiatives using ICT and Arts-based means for combating corruption
  • Public Private Infrastructure Partnership (PPIP) advisory
  • Research and Policy Resourcing
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Communication and civic enlightenment
  • Training and Human capacity development
  • Promotion of UN Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Hosting Conventions and Summits on Leadership, Business Ethics and Sustainable Development


  • Research reports
  • Policy Reviews and Periodicals (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually)
  • Annual Sustainability Index and Human Development Atlas
  • Nigerian Infrastructure Index
  • Newsletters (e-Newsletters and print)
  • Policy Briefs – Position Papers; Current Issues Diagnosis and Forecast
  • Interventions and Program Support
  • Policy dialogues and stakeholder Engagement
  • Media Advocacy and strategic communication

What sets us apart

 CESD’s distinguishing trait is our commitment to doing research, advocacy and strategic communication from both gender and sustainability perspectives. Also, our commitment to the advancement of human well-being, social change and the promotion of ethical values in human interaction drives all our activities and outputs as well as our priorities, which are:

  • People –

Our people –work force, partners, and the beneficiaries of our activities come first.

CESD consist of staff who are innovative, achievers and they are our most valuable resource

  • Epistemic culture –

CESD’s epistemic culture is shaped by gender and sustainability perspectives as well as commitment to ethics, professionalism, rigorous research using global best standards in our knowledge production process and models.

  • Contemporary relevance –

At CESD we are committed to ensuring our activities, focus area, and output (products and services) are of contemporary relevance and with sustainability underpinnings.

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