Everyone is concerned and unhappy about the economic, social and political quagmire Nigeria and the whole of sub-Sahara Africa is in presently. But if we all remain at the level of complaint and no positive action, this situation will remain our status quo and things may even get worse.

At the Center for Ethics and Sustainable Development (CESD) we have chosen to go beyond complaining and pontificating. We are committed to bringing about positive social change and fostering sustainable development, by pledging our skills, our passion, our time and resources to achieve this goal. We all have what we know how to do best, this is what we know. We therefore call upon you to support and partner with us. We implore you to support our cause and invest in us. Though we do not promise you a monetary return on your investment, but we promise a social change return.

We promise to utilize your investment in activities geared towards our mission, vision and objectives, with measurable impact in our society. We cannot do this alone, we therefore need your support and we promise that we will prudently manage the resources given us. We will work tirelessly to produce result that you will be proud of. We also ask that you share this with your friends and associates and encourage them to support us with their donations too. We encourage you to follow up on our activities and send in your comments and cheers as we advance our cause.

To donate please contact us  at info@cesdresearch.org

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